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  • Video Surveillance

    Remotely monitor your home in real time                                                                                                               

  • Smart Security

    Maintain access to keep your house and family secure whether you’re at home or away

  • Environmental Detection

    Protect your home from environmental conditions such as water leaks, temperature, and humidity


    Smart Security

    Whether you need a covert nanny cam hidden in the mantle or a camera with long-range zoom to watch the driveway, high-definition video is the cornerstone of any superior security system. Using your smart phone, you can check in on your house from anywhere in the world by watching a live video feed, or review recorded footage at a later date in case of suspicious activity. Integrate smart home security with a lighting control system so lights turn on if an intrusion is detected or a dim pathway is lit when the smoke alarm is triggered.

    Alarm Systems

    Like everything else in your smart home, your security system is integrated with lights, speakers, and other devices to make your home as simple, safe, and efficient as possible. For example, when your smoke alarm is triggered, pathway lights can be illuminated to help guide you to the nearest exit. If the kids forget to set the burglar alarm, you’ll be notified via email or text and can then remotely set it for peace of mind.

    Video Surveillance

    Receive live video streams of entrances to see who’s at the door, interior areas, the perimeter, or even check on the kids playing in the pool all from the same touch screen that controls your home entertainment system or from your smart mobile device. Activity is documented on a digital recorder so you can play back at your convenience.

    Environmental Detection

    Keeping your home safe from environmental changes is an oft-forgotten aspect of home security, as heat, water, and other elements can be damaging to home if left unchecked. Moisture detectors can automatically turn off your water supply in case of a pipe bursting or overflowing washing machine, and temperature gauge drastic drops in temperature and automatically alert you if your furnace or air conditioning isn't functioning properly.

    Remote Access

    Home access contol means keeping tabs on systems anytime, anywhere! No more running back home to make sure a door is locked, instead connect remotely from your Apple® or Android device to arm/disarm, check status, change codes, view surveillance, and more. We will route your Park City security system through a central monitoring system alerting you via email or text message of events that you set. Environmental detection is another application that can save thousands if detection occurs before wine spoils.

    Automated Door Locks

    No more getting up to check the doors once you’re in bed or fretting over whether you left the back entrance unlocked once you leave—in addition to your alarms, you can check the status of your doors and lock or unlock as necessary with a tap from your smart-phone. Individualized numerical passcode let you know who’s entering your home and allows guests to get inside without the need for a key.

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