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Home Theater

Combine the all-encompassing experience of going out with the comfort and convenience of staying in


High Performance Audio

Hi-fidelity audio equipment brings out the best of technologies both old and new                                                        


Outdoor Entertainment

Experience outdoor movie nights or set the mood at a cookout with equipment that can weather the storm


    Home Theater

    With your own home theater you never have to let other movie-goers dictate your watching experience. Talk and laugh along with family members as you please during a comedy, or immerse yourself in a classic film quietly on your own. No matter what you’re watching, you’ll be viewing high-quality, color-calibrated video from plush, unobstructed seating in a room sporting acoustics designed especially for your space. Park City, we have everything for effective and stylish home theater design

    High Performance Audio

    Whether you’re dusting off a classic record from the 60s or streaming the newest digital album, Lifestyle optimizes your listening experience for the highest quality possible. We’ll blend today’s technologies with those of yesteryear to create a personalized, easy-to-use setup that will satisfy both casual listeners and the most discerning audiophiles.

    Multi-room Music

    Listen to the same playlist throughout the entire house at a party, or play different artists in different rooms when you and the kids can’t agree on an album. Volume and playback can be easily controlled from your smartphone or tablet, so there’s no need for wall clutter.

    Hidden Audio Video

    The ability to cleverly hide speakers and monitors within your existing decor allows you to maximize your home’s media functionality while still placing aesthetics front and center. Your TV can drop down from a motorized panel or be hidden in a mirror, while speakers are simple to camouflage in walls and cabinets. Wireless solutions and centralized distribution also reduce the amount of equipment and wires in view, letting your artwork and other decor be the focal point of your home.

    Outdoor Entertainment

    When the weather allows, entertaining outdoors is always a must. Luckily, today’s technology is crafted specifically to withstand the elements without compromising performance. Outdoor projectors and TVs are made to minimize glare, while water- and heat-resistant speakers make playing music outside a breeze.


    Acoustics are a commonly overlooked but highly important aspect when it comes to optimizing the performance and intelligibility of your home theater. Since no two theaters are exactly the same, Lifestyle creates an acoustic map unique to your theater to help stop echoes, soften reverb, and optimize loudness.

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