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Lifestyle is defined by its knowledgeable team that strives to deliver a first-class experience. As a firm, we work to exceed expectations from the initial client consultation meeting to the long-term maintenance and care of their systems. Below, we’ll walk you through a typical Lifestyle experience from a project’s start to finish and beyond.

services lighting design

Lighting Design

Our in-house lighting experts will create an efficient and elegant lighting layout and control solution that illuminates your space for function and aesthetics. We consult and collaborate with architects, engineers, interior designers and general contractors. You’ll receive documentation for fixture specifications, placement, and detailed electrical plans. Combing our technical acumen and sensitive design techniques the light will beautifully elevate the experience of your space. Post-installation we focus and aim fixtures to optimize how light strikes objects and surfaces. Every detail is considered in the design of the lighting that will bring it to life.

services lighting design

System Documentation

While the design, engineering, and programming of your home make it simple to use for you, system documentation makes sure everything runs smoothly for the parties involved in building and installing technology in your home. Clearly defined drawings that show the locations of wires, lights, motorized window treatments, and other devices make sure everyone is on the same page and everything gets put in the right place. This also includes documenting oft-forgotten details like video sightlines for surveillance cameras, prewiring, and rack elevation.

services performance calibration

Performance Calibration

Once everything is built and installed, Lifestyle calls in our technical team to calibrate your audio, video and lighting systems to certify that they’re performing at optimal levels. Though it might not seem like it, achieving a certain standard of color, brightness, contrast, and sharpness is not only difficult for the average person, but is actually a skill set that is enhanced with THX or ISF certification. Having this done by trained professionals insures that you’ll never have to mess with advanced settings to get your TV or projector to display a high quality image.

services maintenance support

System Monitoring, Maintenance & Support

After the project is complete, you’ll always have real-time information regarding the status of your lighting, temperature, security, and other useful system diagnostics. Beyond this, Lifestyle will also continue to fine-tune and maintain your system, even performing systems checks and remotely correcting problems prior to you or your guests’ arrival at your home. Through proactive communication we will also make sure you’re always up-to-date on the latest features and innovations to make sure your home is only built with the best of the best.

service consultation


Understanding a client’s expectations and needs is an important first step when it comes to any project. When you walk into your initial meeting, you’ll be confident that you’re consulting with a company sporting decades of proven experience and know-how to help guide and mold your wants and desires when it comes to making your home’s technology reliable and easy to use. There’s no need to be up on the latest trends and technologies—because we already are.

service project specification

Project Design & Specification

Careful planning goes into each and every project to avoid surprises along the way. From contract and construction documents to system requirements and specs for any and all technology involved, making sure each piece of the puzzle fits how we want them to beforehand will save time, money, and frustration in the long-run.

service design engineering

Engineering & Programming

Once the requirements for technology and construction are specified, we can begin to engineer your smart home, carefully balancing operation and aesthetics so form never has to follow function. This ensures that each piece of technology is easy to use and integrated with both the design and functionality of your home. In addition to physical design, we use advanced back-end programming to make sure the front-end control of your systems is intuitive and simple—no need for complex manuals or multiple remotes.

services project management

Project Management

Each and every project we oversee is assigned a dedicated project manager to coordinate and consult with architects, engineers, interior designers, general contractors, and any other party affected when it comes to organization, planning, and decision making. When everyone is in sync, issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently as they arise.